1. Hi followers!

    i just got a sudden urge to post this. I remember when i joined tumblr years ago and the “one ok rock” tag i used to browse were only posts by me and few others and we used to spaz just like that~ i started this blog soon after but im on my final year of high school now.really busy time ( ゚ Д゚) with school, tuition , cram school~my university entrance exams are pretty close too! Im not able to be very active here.But i just wanted to express how happy i am with the ever growing international fans of ONE OK ROCK! They’ve been my fav band for a long long time now and seeing other people, many of who recently showing their support and love for ONE OK ROCK is really ..wow. Although i’ve judged some of them lol but im glad they exist , supporting OOR

    But one thing around these many years of me loving them didnot change is that i still couldnt see them perform live.

    I hope this can change soon too (*´▽`*) Take Care ^_^

  4. takahiroki:

    Yokohama Arena
    → Let’s Take It Someday

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  5. ONE OK ROCK 「The Beginning」

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  7. supertart:

    How did this photo of Ryota slip by the tags? Anyhow, a photo of Ryota from Rocks Tokyo. 

    Source: One Ok Rock Fans, Unite

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